Accounting & Tax Services


Your time is valuable–spend it doing what you do best and leave the accounting to us.


What We Do


Accounting Services

Have you ever walked into an accountant’s office to get the help you need with your personal or small business financial needs, only to leave their office more confused and in debt than you were before?  We provide accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, grant and loan requests, audits, and provide financial and accounting guidance and recommendations upon request to better help your money work for you. 


Tax Services

We believe that it’s very important to pay the taxes you owe, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay more.  We work to ensure your taxes are correctly filed with state and government agencies and that you only pay what our country asks of you and no more.


Financial Advisory

We will provide financial and accounting advice to as part of our service.  Now it’s your money at the end of the day and we leave the control of that money up to you.  If you feel for any reason that the advice provided is not in your best interest, feel free to tell us how you’d like to proceed and we’ll get on it without compromise.